Site Assessment


Our in-depth knowledge gained working at over 100 contaminated sites becomes invaluable when conducting either internal due diligence assessments or regulatory-driven site delineations.


We bring our 25 years of experience conducting Superfund-driven contaminated site assessments and investigations and state-regulated site characterizations, to help our clients implement smart solutions to contaminated site delineation and management challenges. 


DNA can help your organization assess the full nature and extent of impacts related to recent or historical spills or releases of contaminants. DNA works closely with state and federal regulators on a routine basis to achieve compliance with the latest regulations and guidance documents. 

Whether impact is to soil, sediment, surface or ground water, or air (soil gas & vapor intrusion), DNA's team of experts have the experience to design an assessment plan that will meet industry best practices at a competitive price. 


We can help you generate the proper plans and reports, as well as conducted the work for:


Site Characterizations

Long-term or Routine Groundwater Monitoring

Vapor Intrusion Analysis

Records of Decision

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